According to reports, the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) of Zimbabwe has been facing allegations of massive corruption. As such, the government of Zimbabwe has been putting into consideration the possibility of stopping VID from issuing driver licenses to the public. This is to combat corruption cases within the department.

The government is reported to be planning to create a new department separate from VID which will be charged with issuance of driving licenses in the country. Joram Gumbo, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Development, recently said that the government was keen not to allow the continuance of corruption within the VID. Mr. Gumbo said that the ministry would not hesitate to punish culprits caught or reported to solicit bribes to issue driving licenses in the country.

In the statement, Gumbo also revealed that there was a need for the government to come up with a separate department for issuing driving licenses. He went on to say that such a move would promote healthy competition among the departments which would bring order to the VID.

Minister Gumbo is reported to have recently lashed out at officials of the Vehicle Inspection Department where he vowed to fire them over corruption cases. He also said that this department was bound to lose relevance if corruption persisted. Mr. Gumbo further said that taking offense in allegations leveled against VID of incompetence and corruption would do little to change the perception of the public towards them. For this reason, he said that it was important to create another department solely for the issuance of driving licenses. He also implored officials to change such perception through legal actions, dedication, and commitment.

In Zimbabwe, 94 percent of road accidents are reported to be caused by human errors which mostly crop up from lack of proper skills and knowledge. An increase in road carnage in the country by 10 percent was recorded last year.