To keep your car maintained in Zimbabwe, you take your car to the mechanic after 3,000 to 5,000 miles. So the process of oil changing takes hours, but you have to sit at the shop and wait. But Why? Why is a regular oil change important?

An oil change can be the cheapest maintenance service that your car needs, but some charges put on the bill were unexpected. Many magazines or manuals about cars will tell how regular you should change your car oil but won’t mention why it’s needed. The oil change is an affordable maintenance service, it would save your money from engine failure and keep the car well maintained.

The oil keeps many components in the engine working productively, perhaps as oil is the bloodline of a car. As you know, the engine can get extremely hot by many small blasts occurring each minute, so the oil keeps the engine from exploding by pulling the heat away. The oil keeps the engine running smoothly by collecting the heat, stains, and carbons while it protects the engine during this process. Oil safes the engine from various failures if regular oil change doesn’t happen.

How regularly is an oil change required, and which is the best quality oil for your car? Oil will depend on the type of your car, what sort of oil you prefer and how regularly you drive. Many suggest every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but mileage is more important than the time. To check when to get an oil change, you should focus on the odometer and how you have been driving. It may take you time to reach the suggested mile for the oil change, but as soon you have reached the mileage, you should get an oil change immediately to be saved by engine sputtering or other issues in the engine.

To be saved from an expensive repair cost in the engine, if you don’t get an oil change, it is a better to get an oil change. If you decide to wait, the oil will be at its worst state and clog the engine. Also, engine repairs are really expensive, so engine repairs are more time-consuming too. So oil change in 3,000 to 5,000 mileage should be your priority while owning a car to maintain it.