Plans by Amalgamated Motor Corporation (AMC) are currently ongoing to set up a vehicle assembly plant in Zimbabwe. The new assembly plant is expected to service the whole SADC regional market for new cars.

Mr. Hebert Takawira, AMC group chief operations, and human resource director revealed that the new plant would be completed within the coming 12 months. He was speaking during the launch of the new assembly plant dubbed AMC Suzuki Bulawayo.  Mr. Takawira said that Suzuki brand was doing quite well in Zimbabwe and the market was quite lucrative. This had justified the location of their new plant in the country. The company would also be moving into the markets up north, to Malawi and Zambia.

Mr. Takawira said that the centrality of Zimbabwe in the region was quite advantageous for them. This would enable them to supply new vehicles assembled in Zimbabwe to surrounding areas of Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, and Botswana. He also acknowledged that the process would be a bit long, but they expected to make positive strides within the next two years.

AMC aims to increase their shares in vehicle market in the region through their AMC Suzuki Bulawayo branch. AMC is reported to have invested almost $280 000 in the new assembly plant.

The AMC resource director also acknowledged efforts made by Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa in creating a healthy business environment. He said that this would significantly boost the business of vehicle sales in the country and the entire region. Further, a consistent reminder by President Mnangagwa of the now open Zimbabwe market to local and foreign investors continues to boost its market competitiveness. Similarly, the country is experiencing a good response in investments.

The chief executive officer of Zimbabwe Association of Business, Victor Nyoni applauded AMC Suzuki for deciding to invest in Bulawayo. Mr. Nyoni said that this would help attract more investors to the city. He also said that the move was a show of confidence in Bulawayo Industries and would see the revival of the company.