A world-class retailer center for SelecTrucks Zimbabwe trucks was unveiled in Harare Capital in November last year. The center was established by Buses Southern Africa and Daimler Trucks who are identified as ZIMOCO.

SelecTrucks is a deeply rooted brand which caters for retails in offering already used trucks which still have value in the market. It is the largest industry globally of its kind. SelecTrucks offers a wide range of trucks to consumers. The Zimbabwe-based company is a full-service company with a quite impressive track record of the unmatched market value of pre-owned trucks. SelecTruck is also dedicated to offering quality customer services with consideration of location as a key element in customer experience.

The Chief Executive Officer of SelecTruck, Bob Crossley expressed that the group is keen on being the best in the market industry. The company offers all makes and models of trucks which still have quality market value especially from largest truck fleets in South Africa. He also said that the company is quite experienced and offers the guidance to consumers in making best and right products choices.

Jasper Hafkamp, the Executive Director of Daimler Trucks and Buses Southern Africa, said that after a long search for an appropriate partner, they were delighted to partner with SelecTrucks. He said that the partner would help them in delivering to operators searching for fleet managers and pre-owned trucks. Although ZIMOCO has been performing well in providing such services, director Jasper pointed out that such responsibilities would be left to SelecTrucks Zimbabwe. He also stated that they were optimistic about growth in mobility solutions for tailor-made trucks market as they had chosen the right partners.

SelecTrucks offers quality pre-owned trucks which undergo thorough inspection and preparation before they are sold. They also cater for custom changes depending on clients’ preference. ZIMOCO has entrusted SelecTrucks Zimbabwe to deliver quality services to the market.