Those interested in importing used cars from England or Japan should report this to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), which has increased the amount to be paid on the import duty since 1 March 2016.

How are you going to pay?

You should know that importers would now be paying amounts ranging from $ 300 to $ 1,000 for the importation of vehicles such as:

  • The Toyota Corolla (bubble shape or old)
  • The Toyota Vitz
  • The Mercedes
  • The Honda and others that are in high demand locally

The different taxes are evaluated at 96%, VAT included. Not to mention the surcharge on the purchase price of the vehicle and the transport to the point of entry of the border posts in Zimbabwe. It also takes into account the year of manufacture, the type of automobile (automatic or manual) and the fuel (gasoline or diesel).

No increase in interest rates

There was no increase in the rate (it remains at 96%) but the change comes from the calculation techniques used to determine the rights of a vehicle. Based on the information available, it appears that ZIMRA now relies on the value of the vehicle and the revised national catalog. The objective is to avoid the same type of vehicle paying the same taxes in different ports of entry.

Vehicles you obtained by different means such as gifts are also valued in order to determine their customs prices. The evaluation process undertaken by ZIMRA aims to remove any undervaluation or excessive devaluation of assets. If a client is not satisfied with the exact value as part of the assessment process, they can appeal and seek a review of the value.

Required Records

The following documents are required when importing:

• Invoice / sales agreement

• SARPCO Certificate (if you are importing from a Southern African country)

• Export declaration and evidence

• Registration booklet (for used motor vehicles)

• Sales commission

• Right of assizes

• Handling

• Freight (up to the place of import, only if the car will not reach to this place of importation)

• Insurance (up to the place of import)

• Motor Vehicle Assessment