Touring some parts of Zimbabwe requires one to use a car and foreigners have the permission of using international driver permits for 90 days.

However, foreigners from Lesotho, South Africa, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, and Botswana can use driving licenses from their countries of origin during their whole stay in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe permits temporary use of licensed foreign vehicles on a condition that they have been insured on third party risks and have registration plate of the owner’s country.

Driving at night is not recommended because accidents are likely to occur; animals are often grazing or walking, and pedestrians on dark clothing also use the roads. It is expensive to hire car in Zimbabwe, but the services are available. The requirements for one to rent a car is that you must be 22 years old or above and accept that your license will be held for one year by the car rental company.

The following important traffic rules should be observed while using Zimbabwean roads:

  • The allowable alcohol limit is 0.08%
  • Always maintain left while driving
  • All vehicles must have wheel spanner, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, spare wheel and operational jack
  • Drivers should not exceed a speed of 120 km/h for open roads and 60 km/h for urban roads (like in Harare, Bindura, Victoria Falls, Bulawayo and others)
  • You can drive only if you are 16 years and above
  • Drivers should not use mobile phones while driving
  • Drivers must fasten their safety belts
  • Always give way to traffic approaching on the road to car’s right at uncontrolled intersection
  • The extreme right of a caravan or trailer whilst must have a white T-sign while the extreme rear should have red T-sign
  • Drivers who are towing a caravan or trailer are required to display a set of T-signs.