FAW Group Corporation, which is the leading automotive manufacturer in the world is ready to set up an assembly plant in Bulawayo. This move will enable the city to revive its industrial sector. This information was given by, Mr. Patrick Masocha, who is the FAW Zimbabwe sales administrator during an International Trade Fair. The interview was done by the Sunday Business during the trade fair. Mr. Masocha said that the company has already come to an agreement with the city council of Bulawayo to set the plant that will be assembling vehicles. FAW has headquarters in South Africa. Recently, FAW opened offices and showroom in Bulawayo city which increases its offices since it has an office in Harare. The office in Harare has been functional in the past five years.

Mr. Masocha confirmed that the company is ready to establish the assembling plant in Bulawayo before the year ends. The company officials have already engaged in talks with the local authority concerning the new plant. The council is expected to assist in setting up of the company by providing a land where the construction will take place. Mr. Masocha said that 150-200 people would be employed when the company starts to operate. Other than providing the employment, the assembling plant will also put some funds on road developments within the area of operation of the company.

Mr. Masocha said that the company was ready to open a new company in Bulawayo despite the harsh economy in the market. The main motivation was that the company is certain that it will conquer a new market for its products. Also, the company is fully convinced that the economic difficulty will change as the time goes. With other companies closing their businesses or relocating to other places, this company is ready to take the risks of operating in this area.

Mr. Masocha says that they are satisfied with the orders and sales that have been achieved in Bulawayo. The mother company is headquartered in Changchun as Masocha puts it. The other one is located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. However, they want to set up something different by setting a plant outside the big cities. This would be a sure way of doing a different thing according to Mr. Masocha. The idea of setting up the company in Bulawayo would bring positive changes especially to other companies the area. According to Mr. Masocha, the downstream companies are rubber and glass companies.

Other than using this marketing strategy, the company will adopt a new way of showcasing its products at all the exhibitions that will be organized in the country. Masocha confirms that the automotive industries have been going through the harsh economic period. However, FAW Group Corporation is certain that its vehicles (trucks and passenger) are made to work perfectly in the conditions of the Sub-Saharan. Thus, Musocha is convinced that the company will have a longer stay in the market and it will be able to have enough market for its vehicles.