Car dealers face many challenges when looking for customers. Most people sell cars online, and you can buy either new or used car online. Both the seller and buyer need to consider many factors before deciding to carry out the transaction. People sell used cars for different reasons, and in many cases, the sellers might want to upgrade to a new model. Since cars are luxurious, we often find new models better after seeing our friends drive them.

Here are ten tips that you should consider when selling a second-hand car.


As a seller, you need to conduct market research and quote the price close to what other dealers use. You can find the prices online. Moreover, ensure you mention any extra accessory that may be in the car. The additional accessories may make your car price higher. However, quoting a higher price without giving reasons for buyers may make you lose market from potential buyers. Therefore, ensure you explain the reason for the high price or maintain standard price. Such strategies will help you sell the car quickly.

Essential documents

Ensure you allow the buyer to audit the vehicle documents such as log book, car manual and service records. You also need to show your records on expenses you have incurred such as new tire purchases. These essential documents will help the buyer to know how you maintain the car.

Negotiate with buyers

As you set the price, expect to haggle with buyers. Always set the price the price considering an allowance to go down. However, you should stick to the minimum price you can sell the car. The vehicle belongs to you, and you should not sell it below what you consider as its market worth. You should have excellent negotiation skills since you will meet buyers who have bargained for better deals.

Choose an excellent advertising platform

You can decide to advertise a used car online but be careful not put your home address. Moreover, you might receive prank calls when you put your phone number while advertising. With new technological advancements and increase in digital adverts, you may not incur much in adverts. Always let your potential buyers know of anything that may be good or bad with the car before they decide to buy it.

Proper presentation of the car

Clean the car before taking photos for advertisement. You should also strive to maintain it clean as you look for potential buyers. Proper presentation of the car may earn you extra bucks for the car. Taking the vehicle to car wash works better since the cleaners have experience.

Test drive

You need to allow the driver to test drive the car before sealing the deal. The buyer may also opt to call a mechanics to check the car before purchase, and you need to cooperate. You also need to confirm with your insurance agency if the vehicle remains covered during the test drive. However, before allowing the buyer to test drive the vehicle, you should check the validity of his or her driving license. Moreover, they should test drive with you in the car.

Car paperwork

Sellers should be honest with the buyers. Tell the buyers the amount of registration remaining before selling the car. In case of any fault in the vehicle, they should be aware. However, faults may make sellers lower their prices. Therefore, we recommend that sellers fix these issues and show the services done to the buyer. Sellers need to show the buyers the service records to get their confidence.

Schedule a meeting point

We recommend that the buyers schedule a meeting with the buyers anywhere but not at home. When going to the meeting, both the seller and buyer a friend or family member should accompany the seller and buyer. We advocate for these measures for the safety of the transaction.

Provide receipt for sale

The buyer should provide a receipt to the buyer. By doing so, the ownership and liability of the car then belong to the buyer. The receipts are also relevant when a claim arises. The seller should also retain a copy of the receipt.

Handing over the car

Before handing over the car keys, the buyer should first pay you in full. In case the buyer issues a bank cheque, you should wait for it to mature before giving the car. You should record any oral agreement for peace of mind.